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Lands of eastern Veneto

turism and cultural guide

  • PAGINE: 156
  • FORMATO: 12x21,5 cm
  • LINGUA: English
  • RILEGATURA: Paperback
  • PRIMA EDIZIONE: october 2007
  • ISBN: 9788888829456
  • COLLANA: Artenatura
14.50   Ediciclo Editore

This guide offers four itineraries, from the coast towards the inlands areas, to discover the land that lies between the mouth of the Tagliamento and Punta Sabbioni, and between the Adriatic coast and the line of the headwaters at the borders with Friuli Venezia Giulia. Characterized by the inseparable bond of land and water, Eastern Veneto conserves a precious historical, artistic, architectural and natural heritage, and offers visitors all the variety of its resources: wide beaches, lagoons, coastal pine woods, landscapes shaped by land reclamation, rural villages, natural oases, historical towns with pre-Roman, Roman, and medieval origins. Crossed by the lower parts of four large rivers - the Sile, Piave, Livenza and Tagliamento - this territory, for centuries bound to the powerful Serenissima Republic, is also characterized by the excellent wines from the "vineyards of the doges", the outstanding fruits and vegetables, and the fresh seafood from the Adriatic and from the lagoon marshes.

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