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Parabiago the prize-winning city from Ferrario - Zurich 1923 to Saronni - Goodwood 1982

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Parabiago: a city lying not far from Milan and two road cycling World Champions. Libero Ferrario, the first Italian to wear the cycling Champions shirt, World Champion in 1923 – Zurich (Switzerland), amateur category, and Giuseppe Saronni, World Champion in 1982 – Goodwood (England), professional category.

Both of them sprinting: Ferrario against six breakaway teammates, Saronni against a group of the very best. One hundred years after the unexpected victory of Ferrario and forty from the highly expected one of Saronni, here we recall the two great feats. Places and times, roads and skies, companions and opponents, emotions and shivers, secrets and behind-the-scenes stories.

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